Where Did Americans Move In 2017

Dated: 01/17/2018

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Like death and taxes, one thing is for certain: Americans are always on the move. The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that nearly 14 percent of the population, which is roughly 40 million people, move each year. Benefit from that Miami does not have State Income Tax. 

Where are people going, and why are they leaving?

North American Moving Services compiled its 2017 Migration Report that shows which states Americans are choosing to pack up and move from and which states they’ll call home.

Interestingly, the top five states for their inbound moves in 2017 were Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The top five states for their outbound moves were California, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey.

Although this data is not surprising, keep in mind these moves were prior to any tax reform legislation taking place. States with generally milder climates both financially and weather-wise, along with affordable home prices contributed to higher in-migration in those areas.

Arizona had a banner 2017. It was the first year Arizona was no. 1 with the highest percent of inbound moves at 67 percent compared to just 33 percent that left the state. It’s come in second place the previous two years.

The same goes for Florida and Texas whose percentage of inbound moves also remained steady, hovering around 57 percent to 61 percent for Florida over the past three years, and Texas ranging from 53 percent to 56 percent. Both states do not have any state income tax.

This was the first year Tennessee made the top five list of states with the most inbound moves, which is not surprising as cities like Nashville continue to grow in popularity, and there is no state income tax.

Image titleCourtesy of North American Moving Services

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First part of article written by Cara Ammer


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