Miami Will Turn Up Heat On Super Bowl

Dated: 02/05/2018

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The volunteer greeters of this enthusiastic Super Bowl city welcome visitors at the airport with a smile, and that feels pleasant, and inviting and, yes, warm. Then you go outside.

And it’s two below.

And the wind-swept “feels like” temperature is minus 22.

And on the shuttle ride from the airport to a hotel, I tell the driver how this is a nice change for someone from South Florida before he responds, “Yeah, for an hour, maybe.” Then he recalls the good old days when the Minnesota Vikings played outdoors and “we wore beaver coats and brought a flask of whiskey to the game to keep warm.”

This trip to the “Bold North,” as the hosts of Super Bowl 52 are calling their region, begins with the feeling that somebody mistyped the B instead of hitting the C: 

Cold North.

“It’s interesting, but we look at Minnesota as a one-off,” said Rodney Barreto, the chairman of the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee. “That was a deal cut when they built the new stadium. I was in Detroit when the Super Bowl was there, and I went out to Taste of the NFL with the driver and got lost in a snowstorm. We got to the event when it was over. Games in places like that are one-offers.”

The NFL long ago stopped hosting its biggest event exclusively in places like Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego and even New Orleans merely because of their resort or vacation feel. The league has opened the event to places like New York City, Detroit and, yes, Minneapolis when those communities build state-of-the-art stadiums for their teams.

And so here we are in the Cold, rather, Bold North.

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A South Florida contingent is here. About a dozen Miami Dolphins coaches and players landed Thursday morning. They won’t go to the game, but they will take part in clinics, social functions and other events. Barreto brought about 10 of his host committee members to Minny, as well.

Their mission?

“We’ll have a behind-the-scenes tour of everything that’s going on with the Super Bowl in Minnesota,” Barreto said. “We’ll take notice of what they do at the airport. We’ll look at their volunteer program. … We’ll meet with other counterparts that are running Super Bowls. We’re meeting with representatives from Atlanta, which has it before us, and Tampa, which has it after us.

“What’s great about this trip is we learn from every city we go to. ‘Hey, let’s try that.’ Obviously, snow-removal trucks aren’t applicable to us but would have been applicable to [Dallas] when they had their snowstorm. You always learn from these things.”

And two years from now, it will once again be South Florida’s turn to host a Super Bowl — for a record 11th time.

by: Armando Salguero / Miami Herald

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