Five Tips To Mentally Prepare For Selling Your Home

Dated: 01/17/2018

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As the old proverb goes, “Hope for the best and prepare

for the worst”. Here are five tips that I share with my clients.

These are strategies that I have personally found help me when

I am mentally preparing for a challenge.

Image titleBe Positive - Yep, this can be tough to do if you are

selling out of necessity; however it is imperative that you remainImage title

positive. Read inspirational books, attend church and

prayer meetings and help others who are less fortunate than

you. Be conscious of the negative thoughts that enter your

mind and quickly dispel them. Maybe you can even give up

watching the news during the selling process!

Image title

Get a coach - Confide in a mentor or close personal

friend (with a level head). Spend a few minutes a week discussing

your thoughts and feelings. In my real estate practice, I can

help coach you throughout the process.

Image title

Visualize the final outcome - If you are moving by

choice, spend some time seeing yourself and your family in

your next home (after the dust has settled). If you are moving

out of necessity, realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel

and see yourself in that better light (living within your financial

means, future opportunities, etc).

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Prayer and meditation - Studies have found that

prayer and meditation are very beneficial when facing a stressful

decision. Try spending 15 to 30 minutes in prayer and/or

meditation each day.

Image title

Journal - Getting your thoughts

out of your head and down on paper is

a very freeing exercise. If you love to

write, this will come as no challenge to

me and I’m constantly journaling. Others

may find it easier to record their

thoughts using a smart phone app or

other device. Even if you simply voice

your thoughts (speaking them aloud), it

will help (sounds weird right?). Ask yourself questions like

“what do I enjoy or not enjoy about this process?” or “what do

I expect for the future in what I am doing now?”

Well… if you are ready to begin your home selling journey,

let’s begin! Give us a call today  786-505-8789 for a free seller's needs evaluation. 

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