Exciting News Florida Lawmakers Vote Daylight Saving Time All Year

Dated: 03/10/2018

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Imagine Miami with an extra hour of sunshine no more #springingforwards on our clocks! Did you know?

Florida would change from eastern time zone and would join Atlantic Standard Time the same as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. 

Florida has always been special. It is a large and diverse state, known for its sunny beaches, fractious politics and colorful characters. And now, for once, Floridians appear to be united.

This week, an overwhelming, bipartisan majority of the state’s legislators voted in favor of the well-named Sunshine Protection Act. It aims to put Florida on permanent daylight saving time (DST) by setting its clocks forward one spring and never having them fall back. Still, even if governor Rick Scott signs the bill, the state alone does not have the authority to put Florida on its own time.  Once Governor Scott signs the Bill it would have to final approval from the federal government.                 

Hawaii and most of Arizona stay on standard time all year round.

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Parts of this article where written by Allison Schrager from Quartz

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