Cleaning Up Your Carbon Footprint

Dated: 02/04/2018

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You try to be efficient  in doing your part to recycle and otherwise not contribute to the pollution of the environment through your vehicle emissions or aerosols.  Did you know that heating and cooling your home is nearly 50 percent of personal carbon emissions?  

Not only can you largely mitigate the leading cause of carbon emissions in your home, you can also put more dollars in your pocket by doing so!      Image title

Food for thought.....

1. Insulation....yes, insulation.  Most people automatically assume every home has insulation and once installed, lives forever  Not true.  Check you home's insulation to make sure you aren't losing the cold air your home works so hard to provide you with.

2.  Energy Star Systems - Modern technology is a beautiful thing....  Today we can remotely see what is in our refrigerator and who is ringing our doorbell. Not to mention we can adjust the temperature of our home with new technology such as the Nest thermostat system.  From windows to appliances, using Energy star rated systems can help your home work more efficiently.

3.  Smart Lights - Thomas Edison would be proud to see how the birth of his invention of light has evolved to LED lighting.  LED lighting comes in a variety of hues or shades if you will, saves you money in energy consumption and lives on and on and on....far outlasting the old incandescent light bulbs we have traditionally known and loved.

4..  Water - It's a limited resource that so often we take for granted. With the average consumer using more than 10 gallons per day, how does that translate across our nation or even globally.  Be conscious about your use from the time and temperature of your showers to turning the water off while brushing your teeth.  Run full cycles of the dishwasher and washing machines and while you're at it, dispense your water from a water cooler to cut down on the millions of little plastic bottles polluting our planet.

You may think you are just a small spoke in a big cog.  If enough of us start doing our part we gain momentum and with that, anything is possible, including making our planet a cleaner place!   

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