5 Signs Of A Not So Good Agent

Dated: 02/06/2018

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I came across an article via Linkedin and the PropertyCluster blog site. The focus of the article is on residential agents. It should equally apply to commercial agents as well. These signs run rampant in the real estate industry.

The article is simple, yet as I was reading it (unfortunately) a few agents I have met came to mind. To be fair, not all bad traits/signs applied to the realtor(s) that came to mind, but with certainty one or may-be two signs fit quite snug.  

I read the 5 signs and it seems to me that once you conduct yourself professionally, the other 4 bad habits dissipate. Perhaps if you have a handle on what it entails to be a true professional, you are good to go. Even if you are prone to an undesirable temperament, you have to be able to put on that professional glove to hide the fist you may want to let lose on that "difficult" client. It is what it is and we must always remain professional.

Many moons ago, an old boss of mine (old as in years ago), stated that "the most valuable employee is the one that can work with everyone". Those words have remained with me. A true professional can work with every client. It requires lots of psychology and a keen understanding of human behavior, but it can be done. As with everything you want to master, it takes practice. So consider your next unruly client, an opportunity to practice and perfect your professional prowess.

Read this article (link below) and think about agents that have crossed your path. Perhaps some of the habits hit home? I hope not, but if they do, for the good of all agents in the industry - please work on it. Lets all strive to nix the #1 sign on the list, the unprofessional agent.

Article: 5 Signs of a BAD real estate agent

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Tammy Garcia - Realtor On The Road

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